Women Who Inspire Change

Every day women around the globe are working for the betterment of their communities. While some women receive their due recognition, others go unnoticed—women like our best friends, our sisters, our bosses, our colleagues, our mothers, and sometimes perfect strangers.

Although we may never know the names of these average yet extraordinary women, in many ways (both big and small) we still feel the impact of their acts of courage and compassion.

In honor of International Women's Day, IPPF/WHR is kicking off a month-long social media series—Women Who Inspire Change—that honors the hard work and sacrifice of some of the world's most inspirational women. We asked people to submit a story about a woman who has influenced their lives, and this series is a compilation of what we received.

These stories were submitted by our readers, staff, and allies. They feature heartfelt descriptions of how the course of their lives -- and maybe even history (er, HERstory) -- has been changed as a result of one woman's enduring kindness and commitment to a more just world.

Stories like these have the power to change the world -- not because they are sensational, but because they are more common than we are led to believe.

This month, we hope you are inspired by the stories of ordinary women who are positively changing the world. If reading the Women Who Inspire Change series makes you want to tell us about a special woman in your life, it's not too late to send us an email with a story of your own!

Follow us on Twitter (@IPPF_WHR and #InspireChange) for the latest additions to this series.



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