María Cristina Ramírez

Senior Program Advisor - Logistics

With wide-ranging international experience in development, implementation, and evaluation of programs and logistics systems, María Cristina Ramírez has trained IPPF/WHR Member Associations (MAs) on monitoring and forecasting for supplies and contraceptives since 1993. She works to provide MAs with technical assistance to improve their operational efficiency, including identifying challenges and creating locally driven solutions.

María Cristina has dedicated over 25 years to international population and family planning issues in the United States and Colombia. Before joining IPPF/WHR, she was a program associate at Family Planning International Assistance and worked as a policy consultant with the United Nations Development Programme.

María Cristina holds a Bachelor of Social Work and a Master of Social Policy from the Universidad Externado de Colombia.


Where were you born?
Bogota, Colombia

What languages do you speak?
Spanish, English

What's the most amazing thing you've seen while traveling?
During a visit to one of the MAs, the Medical Director invited me to attend an information session on male sterilization that was being held in a rural school. When we arrived, I was a surprised to see more than 30 men waiting in line to speak with the doctor, and they did not express any concern at my being there.

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