Jovana Ríos Cisnero

Director (Youth Representative) | Panama

Jovana Ríos Cisnero has been a member of the Juventudes con Opciones (Youth with Options) program of the Asociación Panameña para el Planeamiento de la Familia (Panamanian Family Planning Association) since 2004. She participated there as a volunteer in the organization's Members Assembly and on its Board of Directors. Ms. Ríos Cisnero works to promote sexual and reproductive health and rights, with special focus on women, youth, and other vulnerable groups. She took part in advocacy activities to influence decisions of UNAIDS' Executive Cabinet and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria. She is presently a member of the NGO Delegation from Developing Countries with the Global Fund and participates in UNFPA's Special Youth Program in New York City. Her experience on the IPPF/WHR Board of Directors has allowed her to realize her commitment to women's right to choose, strengthen youth participation, and increase access to sexual and reproductive health services. Ms. Ríos Cisnero is completing her undergraduate degree in psychology at the Universidad Interamericana de Panamá.

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