Why are Women Dying from a Preventable Disease?

The Women's International Perspective | 12-06-2011

Diseases such as diabetes and cancer cause tens of millions of deaths each year, many of which are premature. Once the burden of rich countries, these non-communicable diseases are increasingly affecting individuals in low- and middle-income countries where they impose heavy burdens on already fragile health systems. Among the most deadly—and preventable—of these diseases is cervical cancer.

Women in developing countries account for 80 percent of all new cases of cervical cancer worldwide and new research shows this rate is continuing to rise. Effective screening programs are largely unavailable in poor countries. As a result, most women with cervical cancer reach health services only after the disease has reached an untreatable advanced stage, condemning them to a horrible death.Following the earthquake in Haiti, International Planned Parenthood Federation/Western Hemisphere Region’s colleague PROFAMIL was one of the few local organizations providing essential health services.


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