Sex Education Should Be Compulsory, Says Defensoria

Inside Costa Rica | 08-04-2012

"Sex eduction should be part of the curriculum, that is compulsory in the Costa Rican educational system, because it is a duty of the State in its responsibility to provide quality information that allows students to deal with knowledge, without taboos and stereotypes, to healthy sexuality", was the statement issued by the Defensoría de los Habitantes (Ombudsman) on Friday.

The Defensoria said in the statement it does not share the recent decision of the Constitutional Court in which it said parents may choose if their children will take part or not, in sex education programs in schools. The Defensoria argues that, sex education being made an "elective" course, "it could affect the comprehensive education in other fields and also minimizes the importance of knowledge that is intrinsic to human beings in the hands of persons trained in addressing these issues".


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