Guyana Wants Healthy Conversation on Sexuality

Guyana Times | 12-2-2013

The Guyana Responsible Parenthood Association (GRPA) is working to strengthen engagement with schools and community organisations to encourage a shift to a more healthy conversation on sexuality.

The organisation in a release said it is seeking to promote age appropriate sexuality education, one that celebrates sexuality and fosters a sexual ethic, which is focused more on personal relationships and social justice rather than particular sexual acts.

“One of the biggest misconceptions that people have of sexuality education is that if you provide this kind of education to an adolescent, they are going to want to have sex earlier. But this is not the case. Rather, it has been noted that adolescents and youths who are better educated on these issues are likely to delay their sexual initiation and be better able to make wise choices. They are also likely to not suffer the same consequences as those who lack this vital information and support,” said GRPA Executive Director, Reverend Patricia Sheerattan-Bisnauth.


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