The Guardian | 04-20-2012
"What we want is women to be able to make their own choices […] We want women to make their own choices in healthcare … Women don't need anyone to tell them what to do on... READ MORE
Grist | 05-08-2012
In just two months, world leaders will gather in Rio to hammer out a new set of agreements on what sustainable development means, and more importantly, how both rich and developing nations can get... READ MORE
Ms. Magazine | 06-08-2012
In my family, being pro-choice comes naturally. This is not just because the ghost of my grandmother, Margaret Sanger, would rise from her grave to wreak vengeance on any of her relations who dare... READ MORE
Population Growth | 06-19-2012
Nearly half of the world´s population is under the age of 25, or more than 3 billion people. In some areas of the world, young women (ages 15-19) are twice as likely to lack access to... READ MORE
RH Reality Check | 06-19-2012
There’s an African proverb which says “when you’re dancing in the village square, it’s the onlookers who can judge whether you’re dancing well or not.” As the UN... READ MORE

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