| 03-01-2010
Haiti, which once had the highest rate of HIV/AIDS outside of sub-Saharan Africa, has in recent years seen a decrease in infections. Once lumped into what some called the US Centers for Disease... READ MORE
Daily Links at CSW | Issue 5 | Monday, 8 March 2010
As the US delegation circulated a resolution on maternal mortality at the Beijing+15 review Friday, activists from around the globe called on governments to accompany this with strong language on... READ MORE
The Ottawa Citizen | May 2, 2010
The federal government's "No sex please, we're Canadians" approach to foreign aid is not limited to maternal health, it seems. A new Children and Youth Strategy for CIDA (the Canadian... READ MORE
The New York Times | May 21, 2010
To the Editor: Re “Poverty and the Pill” (column, May 20): I am pleased that Nicholas D. Kristof raises the important issue of an unmet need for contraception worldwide. Family planning... READ MORE
Conversations for a Better World | May 21, 2010
The Pill has touched the lives of many people but – like so many other technologies – remains an unknown luxury to around 200 million women, the majority of whom live in developing... READ MORE

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