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Haitian Times | 1-17-2013
Like a soldier en route to the battlefield, Josue Brunard stuffed his backpack with ammunition for his mission. But instead of guns and bullets, his armament consisted of condoms and other... READ MORE
Haitian Times | 1-28-2013
To Vilianie Jean, a 39-year-old mother of three, discussing sex with her daughter used to be simple. “I don’t think a girl should know anything about sex,” Jean said during a meeting of parents and... READ MORE
GlobalPost | 1-20-2013
This month is the 40th anniversary of one of the most important legal decisions of our time: Roe v. Wade. This legislative victory changed the course of history for women not only in the United... READ MORE
New Jersey Record | 1-20-2013
A 40th anniversary – a cause for celebration. A 40th birthday – a midlife crisis. Roe v. Wade, turning 40 next week, is cause for both. First, the midlife crisis. The Planned Parenthood Federation of... READ MORE
Haitian Times | 1-8-2013
Sylvienne Louis is 42 years old. She has eight children and earns less than $50 a month as a maid. Two years ago, as Louis struggled to feed her children, she sought family planning advice at the... READ MORE

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