The debate over abortion is resurgent in largely Roman Catholic Latin America. Some of the most religious jurisdictions in the region are loosening restrictions on the procedure while other countries... READ MORE
In the first week of September, the U.S. Senate, following the lead of the U.S. House of Representatives, passed a bill which would repeal the Global Gag Rule. This was the first time in the sordid... READ MORE
To speak about Pepe, as he was known to his friends, is to speak about the history of reproductive health and rights. After a distinguished career as a medical professor in his native Chile, he... READ MORE
"Nicaraguan abortion ban proves deadly"(World Briefing, Tuesday) underscores the devastating impact that restrictive abortion laws have on women's lives.  In 2006, an estimated 19... READ MORE
In response to the Nov. 20 article, "Brazil doles out 'morning after' pills": I applaud the efforts of officials to reduce "Brazil's sky-high number of unwanted pregnancies and illegal... READ MORE

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