A Better Life in the Bahamas

Lucella Campbell, Senior Program Advisor

As populations expand, our minds, technologies, and capacities have to keep pace with the current realities. I commend the Bahamas Sexual and Reproductive Health Association (BSRHA) on recreating itself to better fit the nuanced demands of Bahamian society. Its proactive stance and leadership in meeting sexual and reproductive health needs is a step toward a better quality of life for all in the Bahamas.

In ensuring sexual and reproductive health and rights, BSRHA has taken on some of the most controversial and divisive issues on the planet. These issues don't easily lend themselves to consensus, and taking them on is a great responsibility.

Sex is at the core of our physical existence, and it provides a gratifying expression of our desire for connection. One would imagine that sex and sexuality, which are so essential to the human existence, would be something to be treasured. But so often we find that sex and sexuality are imbued with a myriad of contradictions.

Many cultures are closed to supporting young people in gaining information and an understanding of their sexuality. They try unsuccessfully to make youth sexuality invisible. But there are consequences to preventing young people from making informed decisions about their sexuality. Inequality and violence continues. Sexual partnerships are confined within heterosexual parameters. Girls are denied the right to an education because of early and unplanned pregnancies. Women’s lives come to an abrupt end due to unsafe abortions.

These scenarios have no place in today's world. The era we live in presents opportunities for incredible levels of human development, and every person should have the right to take advantage of those opportunities. The healthy expression of one’s sexuality is a central component of forward-moving societies.

Increasing understanding of the core importance of sexual and reproductive health and rights to human development is at the center of our mission. I am proud of BSRHA's renewed mandate to stand up in defense of the voiceless and protect the sexual and reproductive rights of all persons in the Bahamas, regardless of age, gender, or sexual orientation.

Reflections on a Visit to Haiti


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