Attending the the first session of the Regional Conference on Population and Development in Montevideo was quite an experience. It was the first time I'd traveled to Uruguay, and my day at the youth meeting began as soon as I arrived. Seventy young people from Latin American and the Caribbean...Read more
When it comes to sex education, I can’t really say much since I wasn’t taught anything besides what I learned in biology. My teacher talked about ovaries and sperm, but left out the process of sexual reproduction. There’s only so much a biology class could teach me, and it didn’t tell me about...Read more
While waiting at a bus stop several years ago, I overheard a conversation between two teenage girls that left me dismayed and outraged. They jokingly shared stories about the weekend’s escapades and commiserated over having the same problem with their boyfriends – “forgetting” to use a condom...Read more
If we got our hands on a magic wand, we would create more women like Dr. Angela Diaz. An internationally recognized leader in adolescent health care, Dr. Diaz has devoted much of her life to helping the most vulnerable teens. Having emigrated to the United States as a teenager herself, Angela...Read more
I know a funny little man, As quiet as a mouse, Who does the mischief that is done In everybody’s house! There’s no one ever sees his face, And yet we all agree That every plate we break was cracked By Mr. Nobody. The stanza above is from a children’s poem about a house where deeds are done, and...Read more
To realize our full potential, young people need a guarantee of our human rights and the ability to be full participants in the global, regional, and national policies that affect our lives. That's why MYX, IPPF's global youth movement for sexual and reproductive rights, provided the IPPF/WHR Youth...Read more
At this year’s Women Deliver conference, youth leaders had the opportunity to share our vision and priorities for the future global development agenda. I was pleased to share the stage with advocates from Egypt, Indonesia, and Greece – Ahmed Awadalla, Yulia Dwi Andriyanti, and Nefeli Themeli,...Read more
The United States saw a recent victory for sexual and reproductive rights when a federal judge ordered the Food and Drug Administration to allow emergency contraception to be sold over-the-counter without age restrictions. This decision has the power to increase access to emergency contraception...Read more
As Thomas Friedman points out in the New York Times , today’s generation of young people — the largest cohort the world has known — has an unprecedented opportunity to transform economies, politics and community life as we know it. But Friedman’s assessment of what is needed to convert this youth...Read more
As many advocates for sexual and reproductive rights can attest, overturning unjust laws and fighting for fair and rights-based policies is often an uphill battle that can take months or, in many cases, years. Advocacy requires tenacity, patience, and resources, and the victories are often few and...Read more