As a sexual human being, I feel I have the right to access contraceptive information and services even though, unfortunately, there are still harmful myths and taboos about young people’s sexual and reproductive health. Young people in my indigenous Mayan community face particular obstacles from...Read more
In Trinidad and Tobago, the rates of teenage pregnancy and HIV prevalence are quite high. The adolescent birth rate in the country is 33 births per 1,000 girls aged 15-19, and there were 15,000 people living with HIV in 2009. At the end of 2009, an estimated 240,000 people were living with HIV in...Read more
More than ever before, young people in Mexico and around the world are using the internet to research contraceptives and other reproductive health issues. This brings a new level of responsibility to information technology, particularly social media. Websites, mobile applications, and social...Read more
When addressing the sexual and reproductive health needs of young people in Latin America and the Caribbean, we must first identify the many obstacles they face. More than 90 percent of young people in the region know at least one contraceptive method, but usage rates remain low, especially in...Read more