During the course of my work supporting the expansion and strengthening of abortion services for young women in Latin America and the Caribbean, I have visited many countries where abortion is permitted in only limited circumstances. One such circumstance is when a woman is the victim of sexual...Read more
Sexuality is a natural and precious aspect of life, a fundamental part of our humanity. For people to attain the highest standard of health, they must be feel confident and safe expressing their own sexual identity – and maintain sexual and reproductive autonomy. Discrimination, stigma, fear, and...Read more
A report presented to the United Nations General Assembly this morning by Anand Grover, UN Special Rapporteur on the right to health, which exposes the adverse effects criminalization and legal restrictions have on various health issues, is an important milestone for those working to promote sexual...Read more
HIV/AIDS is yet another area that lends itself to disregard for human and sexual rights. In a context where the Caribbean has one of the highest incidences of HIV/AIDS, second only to sub-Saharan Africa, and where stigma and discrimination continue to fuel the disease, this is naturally an area of...Read more
In recent years, several of the our Member Associations (MAs) across the Caribbean have significantly increased efforts to ensure that the sexual rights of the populace are respected and addressed. A basic tenet of the programs of these associations is that confidential and high quality services...Read more
Most human beings share a common need for “something more, something greater in our lives.” That something more may take different forms depending on the individual – better health, more wealth, better business outcomes, more time, more leisure activity, more fulfilling relationships, more or...Read more