Last month, the Haitian American Caucus held its third annual Teacher Summer Institute (TSI) in Croix-des-Bouquets, Haiti. The purpose of TSI is to provide teachers with the tools necessary to shift the educational paradigm in Haiti, which is considered poor by World Bank standards. The theme of...Read more
In Haiti, a common household item is saving women’s lives. A mother of five, Emmanuela Joseph regularly visits the Profamil clinic in Port-au-Prince. A few months ago, a nurse explained that Profamil had a fast and accurate test to detect cervical cancer. Emmanuela agreed, and the test results...Read more
“Because we are young they think we are little kids. But we represent the future of the country. We have the right to speak and express our feelings.” Fifteen-year-old Ester speaks with genuine emotion when she describes the impact the Haiti Adolescent Girls Network has had on her life. Like many...Read more
Gender-based violence remains a chronic problem in Haiti, affecting hundreds of girls and women each year. The Haiti Adolescent Girls Network works to protect and empower vulnerable girls, so they may safely navigate the volatile post-earthquake environment and break the cycle of poverty. It...Read more
When you think of spring break destinations for college students, Haiti probably doesn’t top the list. The rebuilding projects in the earthquake-ravaged country don’t exactly convey a carefree vibe to combat the stresses of higher education. So, as I made my way to the streets of Port-au-Prince on...Read more
Sitting with a group of parents and their children on the porch of Profamil’s headquarters, Mariola Dhema recounted vividly the day her three-year old daughter was raped by a 10 and a four-year old boys. Shifting on her chair and visibly uncomfortable, Dhema said the older boy pinned her daughter...Read more
In June 2011, I had the opportunity to travel to Haiti with IPPF/WHR to celebrate the opening of a new clinic. Although I was only there for a couple days, the trip had a big impact on me. Seeing the work of Profamil, IPPF/WHR's Member Association, affirmed my strong belief in the importance of...Read more
Last month, I had the pleasure of attending the Annual Global Health Mini-University in Washington, DC. I attended to learn more about programs involving adolescent girls and gain knowledge about a number of current global health issues. Sponsored by USAID and the George Washington University...Read more
In the wake of the 2010 earthquake, adolescent girls in Haiti became increasingly responsible for caring for their younger siblings and for earning an income. Over two years later, girls living in IDP camps and other relocation sites, particularly those without parents, remain vulnerable to...Read more
In times of violence and tragedy, the most extraordinary results can be achieved. After the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, a coalition of international and Haitian organizations came together to ensure girls' needs would not be overlooked. The Haiti Adolescent Girls Network is committed to protecting...Read more