I’ve never been tested for HIV under the thick, heavy air of a Haitian tent city or spent three hours crossing stingray-infested rivers in the Amazon jungle to receive pre-natal care. It’s likely I will never have to walk for miles along perilous roads in the Andes Mountains to be vaccinated against the virus that causes cervical cancer. My... READ MORE


Earlier this summer, I returned to my home country of Brazil, where I was reminded of the old adage that looks can be deceiving. Despite Brazil’s recent rise as a global economic giant, a quarter of the population still lives below the poverty... READ MORE


Suriname is a little known but fascinating country. Located north of the Brazilian Amazon region, the country spans just 63,000 square miles but contains a wealth of diversity: Suriname is home to just over half a million residents who speak 25 languages and practice nearly all of the world’s religions. Intermarriage among different ethnicities... READ MORE


Neuci and her daughters Rebecca and Mariana, live in the favela of Cachoeirinha, population 150,000, outside Rio de Janiero.

“BEMFAM is the sun and the sunshine needs to spread. The rays must reach more people…


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