I became interested in the connections between reproductive health and environmental sustainability for very selfish reasons. First, I care deeply about women and young people, and have devoted my career to fighting for their human rights. Second, I have been concerned for some time about the sustainability of our production and consumption.... READ MORE


The 47th session of the UN Commission on Population and Development ended early Saturday morning with a call from governments to promote gender equality and sexual and reproductive health and rights as key priorities for... READ MORE


This year marks the 20th anniversary of the International Conference on Population and Development, where nations across the globe declared that reproductive rights are human rights. Now, as governments gather this week at the United Nations for the annual... READ MORE


Having a voice at the United Nations can be a very complicated affair for countries, non-governmental organizations, and—most of all—individuals. Even though I am a law professor and teach a course on international human rights, nothing has better prepared me for understanding the true meaning of the freedoms embedded in human rights than being... READ MORE


It’s nearly impossible to work in sexual and reproductive health and rights today without hearing the word “Cairo.” Twenty years ago in Cairo, Egypt, 179 governments agreed—for the first time—that ensuring the sexual and reproductive health and human rights of all must be central to global development policies and funding. Women’s rights... READ MORE


Since I was a girl, I had a passion for understanding the health system and social inequalities. When I walked through the streets of Peru, I saw people asking for help and wondered why there was no one to care for them. As I got older, I decided to become a nurse. I wanted to be part of the health system and help people to live well.


Last week, I was in New York at the 58th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women. Joined by other advocates and representatives from the world’s governments, I advocated for gender equality and the full realization... READ MORE


Since the adoption of the Ministerial Declaration, “Preventing through Education” in 2008, the regional political response toward comprehensive sexuality has been favorable. Nevertheless, there have also been delays and setbacks in some... READ MORE


Political will for improving the health and rights of young people is increasing. We have seen the failure of abstinence-only programs to reduce rates of HIV infection and pregnancy among youth, and the evidence comprehensive sexuality education programs' success is growing.


As many advocates for sexual and reproductive rights can attest, overturning unjust laws and fighting for fair and rights-based policies is an uphill battle that can take months and, in many cases, years. Advocacy requires tenacity, patience, and resources, and victories are often few and far between.


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