There was a time in my life when I didn't engage in critical thinking and receiving sexual comments about my body defined my level of self-esteem. Little by little, as I began to understand what makes men feel they have the right to comment on the look of my behind, I started to reject these "compliments" and respond to the men... READ MORE


The 57th session of the Commission on the Status of Women kicked off last week in New York. Its focus is on the elimination of violence against women and girls. Nine of the 45 countries that comprise... READ MORE


I stood amidst the large crowd, trying to decide what to do. Should I leave or should I stay? I needed to leave. Given my schedule for the next day, I couldn’t afford to be out any later. I tapped my foot impatiently. I needed to get to my car and drive home, but if I left right that moment, I’d have to walk to my car alone. If I... READ MORE


It is difficult to write about any type of violence, but gender-based violence (GBV) poses many challenges that are unique. Despite the prevalence of stories survivors of violence have found the courage to tell, GBV still remains largely invisible. Many people consider abusive actions to be acceptable, and feel contempt toward individuals who... READ MORE


New technologies can be valuable tools for providing health services, promoting social change, and advancing sexual rights. Electronic health records make the delivery of health services more efficient and improve the health care response for... READ MORE


The importance of respecting women’s rights, their freedom of choice, and their freedom of expression should be recognized by every person who is concerned about the issue of gender-based violence. As a man, in my daily life, I’ve dealt with the consequences of machismo, and I see how it affects women in society when I am at work.... READ MORE


Last month after a dinner, I was sitting in my friend’s car, and for the first time in our two-year relationship, we discussed our shared experience of growing up with abusive fathers and abused mothers who did nothing to save us. Recently, I’ve been making an effort to be more transparent about the experiences I had growing up,... READ MORE


If an act of violence is perpetrated, but is never reported or documented, did it happen at all?


I met Ana* when we served on a Commission together, appointed by the President of Brazil, to advise on policies to promote gender equality. She was a beautiful young woman who spoke confidently about effective strategies to empower women, and I was impressed by the many useful contributions Ana made to our work. One day, after she and I became... READ MORE


Elba Luz Villalobos Navarro is a 62-year-old woman from El Salvador with long graying hair and a kind smile. Two years ago, a doctor in a public health clinic told Elba she was displaying symptoms of cervical cancer. He told her to buy a $40 cream to treat the symptoms, but did not give her a prescription or tell her what the cream was for. Not... READ MORE

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