Angélica García Olivares began working toward gender equality in Mexico when she was in college. While getting a Master’s degree in psychology, Angélica saw the need to focus on gender-based violence by hearing the stories of the women she counseled. She has been working to end violence against women and girls ever... READ MORE


As the Program Manager for Gender and Rights at Profamilia, Myrna Flores Chang coordinates the organization’s advocacy efforts promoting sexual and reproductive rights in the Dominican Republic.


As the program manager at Asociación Civil de Planificación Familiar (PLAFAM) in Venezuela, Belmar Franceschi is responsible for implementing all of the organization’s programs related to sexual and reproductive health and rights. She began working as a counselor at... READ MORE


As the Executive Director of Centro Ecuatoriano para la Promoción y Acción de la Mujer (CEPAM), Tatiana Ortiz has her hands full. Not only is Tatiana responsible for implementing the organization’s strategic political objectives, but she also... READ MORE


The passion Juana Cooke brings to her work can only be described as infectious. The Executive Director of Asociación Panameña para el Planeamiento de la Familia (APLAFA) wins people over with her sharp wit and joyful humor. But when it comes to enabling... READ MORE


I used to assume that violence against women was something others did: a stranger, a family member, the State. While violence feeds on social structures and power imbalances between men and women, gender-based violence is an act that begins when a person decides to be violent. Statistically, those who violently attack women are men.


Let's talk man to man: At some point in our lives, we may have come to believe that women are the weaker sex. Men have believed ourselves more capable and smarter than women, endowed with the right to subordinate them because of our supposed superior nature. But what gave us that idea?

Since childhood men are exposed to depictions of... READ MORE


Throughout my work with survivors of gender-based violence, I have met women with incredible resilience. My clients, predominantly women from Latin America and the Caribbean, had a range of experiences, including domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking. The sexual and reproductive health rights of these women were compromised... READ MORE


When we hear the term “gender-based violence”, what probably comes to mind is a woman being beaten by her husband or a girl being threatened by her boyfriend, but gender-based violence goes far beyond the relationship between men and women. Homophobia and transphobia are other expressions of gender-based violence.


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