How Are Environment and Reproductive Health Communities Working Together for Rio+20?

As a part of The Aspen Institute's 7 Billion: Conversations that Matter series, IPPF/WHR Regional Director Carmen Barroso spoke on a panel last Thursday entitled "The Road to Rio: Climate Change, Population and Sustainability." The event featured leaders from the environmental, sustainability, and women’s rights movements who will participate in the

Our World at 7 Billion: Youth

Choice Words: An Interview with Jennifer Baumgardner on Reproductive Rights

“How will you marshal your power, skills, and values to make the world a place in which all people matter?” asks Jennifer Baumgardner in her recently published book, F 'em! Goo goo, Gaga, and Some Thoughts on Balls.


IPPF/WHR Is Honored for Supporting Health in Haiti

Last night at "An Evening of Reflection and Gratitude," IPPF/WHR was recognized by Diaspora Community Services (DCS) for our support of their work in Haiti providing basic health care in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that struck two years ago.

"IPPF/WHR has played an essential role in addressing the needs of the Haitian community," said DCS Executive Director Carine Jocelyn.


16 Days: Profamil Confronts Gender-based Violence in Haiti

Will Brazil's Pregnancy Registration Law Reduce Maternal Mortality?

For most women, pregnancy is a time filled with uncertainty and anticipation. For many women in Brazil, it is a time filled with fear.

World Population Day: The Importance of Protecting Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Mexfam Thrives Despite Threats to Safe Abortion in Mexico

Last week The Nation published a story on "Mexico's Anti-Abortion Backlash." In the article, writer Mary Cuddehe examines the criminalization of abortion in Mexico and how the recent "personhood amendment" push in the United States bears strong similarities to anti-abortion strategies enacted by our southern neighbor. When discussing the impact Mexico's anti-abortion laws are having on women's health and safety, Cuddehe writes:

From Mississippi to Mexico: Challenging 'Life Begins at Conception'

UN Secretary-General Makes Global Health a Priority

As the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon is uniquely positioned to heighten awareness of pressing international issues. This month marks the beginning of the Secretary-General's second five-year term, and he has already made his commitment to global health clear.

Carmen Barroso and Sandeep Bathala Talk 7 Billion with Grist

News from the Region

Below are news stories, blog posts, and other resources released this week regarding sexual and reproductive health Latin America, North America, and the Caribbean:

Dr. Gill Greer receives CBE in United Kingdom’s New Year’s Honour list | IPPF

HIV/AIDS vaccine developed at Western proceeding to human clinical trials | Western University


News from the Region

Obama Signs $1 Trillion Bill That Includes International Family Planning

As 2011 came to a close, President Obama signed H.R. 2055, a “megabus” spending package of $1 trillion for fiscal year 2012, which includes support for international family planning and reproductive health programs. While the funding is largely the same as the previous budget, there was a slight decrease. A funding increase is sorely needed, but heavy lobbying by IPPF and the bill's success in the Senate wasn't enough to persuade the House, which remained opposed and wanted deeper cuts. The compromise among the two was to maintain fairly level funding.

House Democrats Defend UNFPA

Happy Holidays from IPPF/WHR!

Join us in January as we begin another year of creating a world of choice and opportunity for all.

We hope your holiday season is joyous and wish you the best in the new year!


Top 6 Books of 2011

We asked our staff to name the books they enjoyed reading this year that feature sexual and reproductive health and rights in Latin America, North America, and the Caribbean. The following are their responses:

Birth Matters: A Midwife's Manifesta

Top 8 Films of 2011
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