Stichting Lobi, Suriname

As part of their effort to encourage youth to actively protect themselves against HIV, Stichting Lobi, our Member Association in Suriname, installed condom dispensers in public places like schools and shopping malls. 

The dispensers provide young people with an easy and affordable way to access condoms without feeling judged or stigmatized.

Ten condom dispensers were installed in key areas that would reach youth, including around the University of Suriname, as well as in dance clubs. The effort has been so successful that the university, as well as supermarkets and private companies have requested more dispensers to be installed.

Stichting Lobi’s slogan “Live a Responsible, Love Life” emphasizes individuals’ choice and young people’s role in protecting themselves. Twenty-one year old Kenyon is a student and accesses condoms at a popular youth hang-out. “You get overwhelmed with information, and still there are stubborn youth who have sex without a condom. It’s important, more so because not everyone is in a committed relationship.”


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