In Response to Pope Francis' Statements on Gay Marriage, Contraception, and Abortion

"We welcome Pope Francis’ desire to find 'a new balance' within the Catholic Church and ensure it is truly ‘a home for all,’” said Carmen Barroso, Regional Director of International Planned Parenthood Region/Western Hemisphere Region.

“The recognition that the church is out of step with modern times could not come at a better moment: with world leaders set to discuss the framework for the next global development agenda, the health and rights of women and young people must be prioritized. That means ensuring access to comprehensive sexuality education, contraception, and safe abortion services—necessities that the Vatican has vehemently opposed at the United Nations.

“In further investigating 'the role of women in the church', we hope the Catholic Church will realize that when women have control over their own lives—and their bodies—they are better able to contribute to building better and stronger societies. We are hopeful that this is only the beginning, only one step forward in making violations of reproductive and sexual rights a thing of the past.”




I was so happy to hear Pope Francis' words. It was the first common sense I have heard from the Church in a long time. he speaks closer to how I imagine Jesus would. God does not make mistakes. He made gay people, it was not a lifestyle choice. Jesus also taught us not to judge. That seems to be lost on our leaders. The Church should be a loving and welcoming place where we help the less fortunate. I hope this is a change for the better. Especially in their attitude towards women. I am tired of men making decisions for me and my sisters.

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