Cleya, Brazil

“I’m the clinic’s technical nurse; I do the pre-appointment consultation with patients, taking their blood pressure, height, weight, etc. I go over a pre-appointment check-list to collect all of the information for the doctor. I talk with the patient about what will happen during their appointment, for example, if they come for an IUD I will talk with them about how the procedure is done… BEMFAM’s work is important in many ways. I went to give a seminar at a nursing college and I was shocked that they didn’t know anything about contraceptives outside of the basics. They didn’t know anything about the diaphragm, IUD pills, injections, or female condoms. Nursing schools only give a basic course on family planning and many professionals let their personal prejudices about various methods effect the care they give patients…One concern is the situation with males. It is very difficult for women to negotiate condom use with their partners. They get them at the clinic but come back and tell me that their partners refuse to use them.  Often when a woman asks her husband to use a condom he thinks she is guilty of infidelity. The best solution is: talking, talking, talking. Sometimes women get what they want because they are persistent.”


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