Meeting the Sexual and Reproductive Health Needs of Vulnerable Youth: A Monitoring and Evaluation Tool Kit

Vulnerable Youth Tool Kit.pdf3.57 MB

This tool kit includes analysis tools to measure provider and staff attitudes about working with vulnerable youth populations. It includes evaluation tools to assess baseline and endline measures of knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors among youth. The tool kit was developed and tested in collaboration with our Member Associations in Bolivia, Guatemala, and Peru. The instruments were tested with samples in these three countries and have been useful in collecting data that informs and evaluates programs and strengthens existing services. It can be adapted for other vulnerable youth populations.


• Member Associations
• Colleagues
• Partners

Suggested Uses

• Use this tool kit to evaluate your staff’s knowledge and attitudes about vulnerable youth
• Use this tool kit to collect data that can inform new programs and improve existing services.

Click the links below to download the tool kit supplementary materials or specific sections:

Section 1: Introduction and Survey of Vulnerable Young People’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices (includes implementation guide, codebook, answer key, and analysis guide)
Section 2: Survey of Health Providers and Other Personnel that Work with Vulnerable Youth (includes implementation guide, codebook, answer key, and analysis guide)
Section 3: Key Steps and Checklist for Survey Implementation

Year Published: 2010

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