News from the Region

Below are news stories, blog posts, and other resources released this week regarding sexual and reproductive health Latin America, North America, and the Caribbean:

Profamilia promueve el disfrute de la sexualidad en la Menopausia | Vanguardia

The Bishops and ‘Liberty’ | New York Times

Mr. President: Catholic Women Use Birth Control, Too | Catholics for Choice

Acabemos con la prohibición total del aborto en Nicaragua | Amnesty International

Ante el aborto, proponen acceso a anticonceptivos | La Razón

UN, MTV and award-winning band launch campaign against human trafficking | UN News Centre

New Canadian Hundred Dollar Bill Depicts a Woman–U.S., Take Note! | Ms. Blog

Contra La Homofobia | Montotocanaleta

Another Barrier to Maternity Leave for Those Most in Need: Knowing About It | Ms. Blog




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