Our World at 7 Billion: Impact

The 7th billionth person is estimated to be born today, and over the past seven days, we have been exploring the things this person will need to live a happy, healthy, and empowered life.

We have written about the importance of universal access to sexual and reproductive health services, sexual rights, protections against gender-based violence, maternal health services and access to safe abortion services, programs that meet youth needs, and HIV testing, treatment and care.

Last year, our member associations provided more than 26 million vital health services, including contraception and cervical cancer screenings. At the same time, we worked with donor governments and agencies to ensure that global policies and programs reflect the real-life needs of individuals and families throughout the region.

As we celebrate the birth of the 7th billionth person, we join with our partners throughout the Latin America and the Caribbean in wishing her or him a happy—and safe—sexual life.

Join us in celebrating this milestone—click on the slideshow below to find out how IPPF/WHR has helped the billions who came before secure the rights and health services every person deserves.



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