News from the Region

Below are news stories, blog posts, and other resources released this week regarding sexual and reproductive health Latin America, North America, and the Caribbean:

Live chat on population 7 billion | Grist

Herman Cain's Planned Parenthood 'genocide' slur | The Guardian

Embarazo empobrece más a las adolescentes | Hoy

An Equal Start. Why Gender Equality Matters for Child Survival and Maternal Health | Save the Children

7 Billion Means You Can Stop Asking When I'm Having A Baby | Huffington Post

The Birth Control Solution | NY Times

The Real Story of Margaret Sanger | Ms. Magazine

Activists Seek Abortion Rights in Nicaragua | RH Reality Check

El reto es ejercer autonomía plena sobre su salud sexual | El Deber

Argentinean Youth Say No to Violence Against Women | UN Women

Latino Heritage Month Meets Reproductive Justice 2011: Gloria González-López | RH Reality Check

Se aprobó el dictamen más progresista para la despenalización del aborto | La Nacion

Congressional committee passes abortion preliminary resolution | Buenos Aires

As We Hit 7 Billion, Behold the Future of Contraception! | Ms. Magazine

Global Gender Gap Report 2011 / Informe Global de Género Brecha 2011 | World Economic Forum

La pobreza aumenta la mortalidad materna de las mujeres rurales mexicanas | Periodismo Humano

Haiti: Earthquake Recovery Failing Women and Girls | Human Rights Watch

7 billion reasons to empower women | CNN

World Population: A National Geographic Tour | Wired

New UN Women Regional Centre for Latin America and the Caribbean Region | UN Women

Is the environmental crisis caused by the 7 billion or the 1%? | Grist

Visualizing How A Population Grows To 7 Billion | NPR

Peruvian prosecutors reopen investigation of forced sterilizations during Fujimori government | Washington Post

HIV/Aids vs family planning | Mail & Guardian Online



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