In this report, you will learn how IPPF/WHR is tackling some of the toughest challenges facing communities today -- like HIV/AIDS, sexual violence, and maternal mortality. You will find the stories... READ MORE
Explore our interactive, digital Annual Report. We are pleased to share our 2012 successes through stories, photos, and infographics about the impact of our work in this annual report. Take the... READ MORE
In this report you will meet Soledad, a young Peruvian woman who took what she learned from our comprehensive sexuality education initiative and began helping others navigate adolescence safely. You... READ MORE
This report explores the innovative work young people are doing to promote sexual and reproductive health in Latin America and the Caribbean. You will read about how our Member Association in Panama... READ MORE
Annual Report 2008.jpg
In this report you will learn how IPPF/WHR helped improve individuals' lives throughout Latin America and the Caribbean in 2008. We drove on rugged mountain roads to provide vital health services... READ MORE



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