Thanks for sharing this Patrice. On Sunday the weather was beautiful and everyone migrated to the park for a walk. On Monday, the headlines read like a Law and Order episode, a body ... a female body .. was found in the park. I know it can happen anywhere, but it was sobering ... it made me think, of all the women who were out in the park on Sunday, what made this one ... the unlucky one, the one who "walked into a wall" who didn't make it home? I'm not a worrier or a panicker by any means, but I do realise that when I get to my door I panic to get my keys in quickly. Also, I find the company I was raised with, they know to wait until I get inside my house, they text when they get home to say they have reached safely ... as I move around to other communities, sometimes this is not the culture and I have to teach the people I am liming with, "If you pick me up and drop me home ... do not drive off until I am inside my house thank you" ...


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