Frequently Asked Questions

What is the relationship between IPPF/WHR and Planned Parenthood?

The term "Planned Parenthood" is a trademark of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA). PPFA was one of the eight founders of the International Planned Parenthood Federation in 1952. Today, PPFA is IPPF/WHR's Member Association in the United States. As a part of the IPPF/WHR network, PPFA is unique in several ways: it is the largest Member Association in our network; it is separately incorporated; it does not receive funds from IPPF/WHR; and it is the only Member Association that has its own international program for family planning.

How can I access sexual and reproductive health services?

The IPPF/WHR regional office in New York City does not provide health services. We offer technical assistance and financial support to our Member Associations, which are located primarily in Latin America and the Caribbean. For more information on accessing health services in the countries in our region, visit Where We Work. To find a local Planned Parenthood affiliate in the United States, click here.

How is IPPF/WHR's work related to the environment?

Meeting the sexual and reproductive health needs and fulfilling the rights of all people, particularly in developing countries, intrinsically supports a just and sustainable world. By educating young people, increasing access to health services, and empowering individuals to exercise their sexual and reproductive rights, we are contributing to the many factors that positively impact our environment, including the alleviation of poverty and the empowerment of women and girls.

How is IPPF/WHR funded?

IPPF/WHR relies on support from individuals, foundations, and governments. As a regional office of the International Planned Parenthood Federation, IPPF/WHR receives core support from IPPF's central office for its ongoing operations. We have not received funding from the United States Government since 2001, when IPPF/WHR refused to sign the Global Gag Rule.

International Planned Parenthood Federation/Western Hemisphere Region, Inc. is recognized as tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (EIN 13-1845455). For more information please view our most recent Annual Report, Financial Statement, and 990.

How can I volunteer with IPPF/WHR?

If you would like to volunteer for IPPF/WHR in the United States, click on Get Involved to learn about the many ways you can support sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Each of our Member Associations in Latin America and the Caribbean is an autonomous organization, and volunteer opportunities in the field must be coordinated directly with these organizations. Visit Where We Work to see a full list of our Member Associations in the region.

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