Voices of IPPF/WHR Youth

We, young people who participated at the United Nations High Level on Youth, are aware of the need to advocate for our sexual and reproductive rights and our meaningful participation in decision making processes.

Our participation gave us the opportunity to communicate our key messages:

  • Governments should engage young people in the decision making processes.  
  • There is a need to develop permanent spaces to promote dialog and mutual understanding between decision makers and young people, especially  young people from civil society organizations.
  • Governments must strengthen their strategies, policies and programs to promote gender equality at all levels. The empowerment of young women and girls is crucial to achieve universal access to reproductive health and the others MDGs.
  • Governments have to invest on the implementation of national comprehensive sexuality education curricula based on scientific evidence, with a human rights perspective and without discrimination.
  • Sexual and reproductive rights are human rights. Governments must commit to young people to ensure that these rights are protected and promoted.
  • Governments should develop programs and policies to ensure access to a full package of sexual and reproductive youth-friendly health services, including HIV prevention, unintended and unwanted pregnancy prevention, access to contraceptives including emergency contraceptives, prevention of violence against women and ensure safe abortion.
  • Governments must commit to end the discrimination against LGBTIQ people.
  • It is crucial to invest in youth and to give technical and financial support to the youth led organizations.

The meaningful participation of young people is very important to transmit the real needs of our population and bring new insights that will help to improve the development of our communities and our quality of life; ensuring that our sexual and reproductive rights are protected, respected and promoted.

Written by:
Rosmary Garzon
Casimir Caidor
Jovana Rios



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