The Santiago Times | 3-25-2013
Andrés Allamand, presidential candidate of the center-right National Renovation party (RN), contributed to the ongoing abortion debate with a proposed tax rebate for pregnant teenagers who... LEER MÁS
The Women's International Perspective | 3-13-2013
Domestic violence is part of the wider issue of gender violence, which the majority of the time is violence against women, a phenomenon that affects women of all races and all social conditions. As... LEER MÁS
ONE UN New York Hotel | New York City I am always delighted to gather with trusted colleagues and new friends dedicated to securing women’s rights. But it saddens me that once again, we are... LEER MÁS
RH Reality Check | 3-6-2013
Last month after a dinner, I was sitting in my friend’s car, and for the first time in our two-year relationship, we discussed our shared experience of growing up with abusive fathers and... LEER MÁS
RH Reality Check | 3-5-2013
If an act of violence is perpetrated, but is never reported or documented, did it happen at all? Of course the answer is “yes.” There are many reasons why survivors may not report... LEER MÁS

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