To the Editor: Nicholas D. Kristof (“Can This Be Pro-Life?,” column, Oct. 9) raises an important point about the contradictory policies of the conservative right. For nearly eight years... LEER MÁS
Abstract Background This article provides a summary of the current status of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Latin America, as well as an outline of the diverse responses to it. Methods A search of... LEER MÁS
Access to birth control is in keeping with the rights of women and helps keep population growth in check, making development policies more feasible and improving food security, says family planning... LEER MÁS
A Better Health Agenda for the Americas Latin America needs comprehensive health care solutions, not minor uncontroversial changes. In June 2007 the Ministers of Health of all Latin American nations... LEER MÁS
Chile's highest court recently ruled to prohibit the distribution of emergency contraception (EC) in public health clinics in all circumstances, including to women who have been victims of rape. This... LEER MÁS

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