The New York Times Magazine | September 2, 2009
I applaud Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn for their remarkable work of highlighting the enormous multiplier effect that the empowerment of women has on families and entire communities. Their... LEER MÁS
Conversations for a Better World | August 5, 2009
In many parts of the world women and girls are disproportionately affected by HIV/AIDS, particularly poor women in marginalized communities. Discrimination, poverty, and marginalization are drivers... LEER MÁS
The Medical News | July 13, 2009
IRIN examines how a "dramatic plunge" in international donor funding for family planning could undermine other health- and humanitarian-related goals, including fighting poverty and hunger... LEER MÁS
The New York Times | July 15, 2009
To the Editor: Re “Would You Let This Girl Drown?” (column, July 9) I wholeheartedly agree with Nicholas D. Kristof that we should focus on successes when seeking support for humanitarian... LEER MÁS
RH Reality Check | June 30, 2009
During the election campaign of 1912, a mentally-unbalanced man fired a shot at Theodore Roosevelt, the candidate of the Bull Moose Party, at a rally in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The bullet was slowed by... LEER MÁS

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