Regional Director

A native of Brazil, Dr. Carmen Barroso was a professor of the sociology faculty at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and a senior researcher with the Carlos Chagas Foundation, where she created Brazil’s first and foremost women's studies center. She was... LEER MÁS

Deputy Director

Vicente has over 30 years of experience in the areas of medicine, research, and management with a focus on sexual and reproductive health. Prior to his position as Deputy Director at IPPF/WHR, Vicente was the Executive Director of Fundación Mexicana para la Planeacion... LEER MÁS

Director of MA Relations | South-South Program Manager

Daniel Parnetti oversees the functioning of the Office of the Regional Director and provides support to all activities related to governance at IPPF/WHR. He is actively involved in an initiative to strengthen the functioning of the... LEER MÁS

Director of Communications

With more than 15 years of experience in communications, policy, special events, and community relations, Kelly leads the development and implementation of IPPF/WHR’s communications strategy and operations.

Prior to joining IPPF/WHR, Kelly served as... LEER MÁS

Digital Communications Officer

Mandy Van Deven is responsible for developing and implementing IPPF/WHR's digital communications strategy using a data-informed approach. She manages all online communications and fundraising platforms—including websites, social media, email marketing, and... LEER MÁS

Communications Coordinator

Tochtli Garcia is a member of the IPPF/WHR communications team. His responsibilities include monitoring, tracking, and disseminating the organization's regional media presence, collaborating with and providing technical assistance to the communications staff... LEER MÁS

Director of Programs - Universal Access

Giselle works to advance IPPF/WHR’s contribution to closing the gap in universal access to sexual and reproductive health. She supports a multi-disciplinary team of experts and leads the development and integration of program strategies across the... LEER MÁS

Senior Program Officer - Safe Abortion

Jennifer has been with IPPF/WHR since 2006 overseeing the implementation of safe abortion initiatives in the region. She has extensive experience working in health and social service organizations, including clinical work in family planning and... LEER MÁS

Program Officer - Safe Abortion

Jimena is responsible for the development and implementation of the regional strategy regarding safe abortion and gender-based violence. She provides technical assistance to our Member Associations and works collaboratively with them to create community... LEER MÁS

Senior Medical Advisor

Pio has over twenty-five years of experience in the areas of medicine, teaching, and research with a focus on sexual and reproductive health. As Senior Medical Advisor, he works closely with Member Associations to increase sexual and reproductive health services,... LEER MÁS

Health System Strengthening Specialist

With more than ten years of experience in global health organizations, Isabelle is responsible for the development and implementation of a regional strategy to increase sexual and reproductive health services. She provides technical assistance to... LEER MÁS

Senior Program Officer - Access

As a member of IPPF/WHR's team for 14 years, Alejandra has been responsible for the youth, adolescents, and access units. Her responsibilities have included program coordination, management of grants, policy advocacy, and networking in the area of sexual... LEER MÁS

Senior Program Officer - Youth

Marissa serves as the Senior Program Officer overseeing youth initiatives at IPPF/WHR. She has extensive experience working in sexual and reproductive health, particularly with regard to gender, sexuality, training, capacity building, and program... LEER MÁS

Program Coordinator - Youth

Ilan is responsible for supporting our Member Associations and partner agencies in increasing sexual and reproductive health services for young people. He assists in the production and dissemination of program materials, conducts trainings, and works to... LEER MÁS

Senior Program Advisor for the Caribbean

For over twenty years Lucella has served as IPPF/WHR’s Program Advisor to several Member Associations (MAs) in the Caribbean. She provides technical assistance in varied aspects of program and financial management and project design.... LEER MÁS

Senior Program Advisor - Logistics

With wide-ranging international experience in development, implementation, and evaluation of programs and logistics systems, María Cristina Ramírez has trained IPPF/WHR Member Associations (MAs) on monitoring and forecasting for... LEER MÁS

Senior Member Association Finance Advisor

Felipe has been with IPPF/WHR since 1999. He is responsible for providing technical assistance to Member Associations in the areas of finance, sustainability, and management. He also collaborates with the Resource Mobilization team in... LEER MÁS

Member Association Financial Analyst

In 2010, Mauro came to IPPF/WHR with extensive experience in financial management and grants administration. In this role he supports the development and implementation of IPPF/WHR’s policies and procedures related to Member Association... LEER MÁS

Logistics Associate

As a member of the logistics team, Arlety monitors the shipment of health commodities to Member Associations. She also supports the Logistics Senior Program Advisor in the analysis of commodities reports and annual program budgets to ensure countries have adequate... LEER MÁS

Organizational Learning Coordinator | MA Relations

Betsy came to IPPF/WHR with more than 10 years of experience managing international projects and teams in the United States and Dominican Republic. As the Organizational Learning Coordinator, she supports organizational learning and the... LEER MÁS

Director of Organizational Learning and Evaluation

Rebecca provides leadership to IPPF/WHR’s organizational learning and evaluation department. She manages a team of six experts who ensure the use of data for decision-making at all levels of the organization, support project design,... LEER MÁS

Senior Evaluation Officer - Institutional Data

Shelly joined IPPF/WHR in 2005. She is responsible for managing data collection and analysis of key institutional data sources, including service statistics and global indicators, and ensuring the use of data for decision making. Shelly... LEER MÁS

Evaluation Officer - Youth

Jessica provides technical expertise in program monitoring and evaluation to teams in the regional office and to Member Associations working to improve access to comprehensive sexuality education and quality sexual and reproductive health services for young... LEER MÁS

Program Officer - Universal Access

Denitza is responsible for managing IPPF/WHR’s HIV/STI portfolio. She joined the organization in 2011 as an Evaluation Officer. In that role, Denitza worked to coordinate research studies and support initiatives to strengthen the use of data for... LEER MÁS

Data Analyst

Vanessa supports the cleaning, analysis, presentation, and interpretation of institutional data and data related to abortion projects. She also promotes efficiency in institutional data processes, improved data quality, and the accessibility of data to support... LEER MÁS

Research Officer - Universal Access

Roosbelinda provides technical support for monitoring and evaluation in the area of universal access to sexual and reproductive health, with a focus on safe abortion. She coordinates and develops proposals for research studies, identifies... LEER MÁS

Chief Information Officer

Leslie has been a part of the IPPF/WHR team since 1979. She is responsible for managing the information services within the regional office in New York City and coordinating technical assistance to our Member Associations throughout Latin American and the... LEER MÁS

MIS Manager

Noel has been on staff at IPPF/WHR since 1988. He is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the regional office's information systems and provides technical assistance to Member Associations. He also maintains institutional policies, network services,... LEER MÁS

Senior Bilingual Administrative Assistant - MIS

Nora has worked with IPPF/WHR since 2003. She is responsible for overseeing the daily administrative operations within the MIS department, including logistical and travel support for MIS staff and consultants. Nora maintains filing... LEER MÁS

Health Information Systems Advisor

Moira provides technical assistance to Member Associations in the areas of information systems strengthening and meaningful use of data. She promotes a culture of quality coordination, continuity of health care, and the efficiency of data management... LEER MÁS

Director of Development

As Director of Development, Dana leads all fundraising efforts with individuals, foundations, and bilateral and multilateral donors. She also oversees an initiative to expand country-level financing mechanisms in the countries where IPPF/WHR operates.

Dana... LEER MÁS

Director of Major Gifts

With more than thirteen years of experience in fundraising, program management, and business development, Jessica is a key player in guiding IPPF/WHR's major donor fundraising program and Board of Directors giving. She has a proven track record in developing and... LEER MÁS

Director of Philanthropic Planning

Tracy has been in resource development for fifteen years. As the Director of Philanthropic Planning, she is the primary point of contact for supporters who have included, or are interested in including, IPPF/WHR in their estate or other long-term... LEER MÁS

Direct Response Assistant

Saida has been working with the IPPF/WHR development team for over 6 years as the Direct Response Assistant. She is responsible for all aspects of donor gift processing, including gift acknowledgement, data entry, record keeping, reporting, and donor... LEER MÁS

Resource Mobilization Officer

As the Resource Mobilization Officer at IPPF/WHR, Jenny supports the Resource Mobilization team in the development of proposals and reports for institutional donors and assists with overall grants management.

Prior to her position at IPPF/WHR, she... LEER MÁS

Director of Advocacy

María Antonieta Alcalde develops and implements IPPF/WHR’s advocacy strategy at the regional and international levels and supports the advocacy work of our Member Associations. She has co-founded several organizations including the Latin American Youth Network for... LEER MÁS

International Advocacy Officer

Doris is a feminist activist with over 15 years of experience in advocacy, policy analysis, and coalition building in areas as diverse as sexual and reproductive health and rights, violence against women (VAW), global governance, women’s participation in... LEER MÁS

Regional Advocacy Officer

As Regional Advocacy Officer, Flor leads the advocacy strategy to promote the sexual rights of youth, including the right to comprehensive sexuality education and youth-friendly services. Since 2009, Flor has worked with Member Associations conducting workshops... LEER MÁS

Regional Advocacy Officer

Laura has been with IPPF/WHR since 2009. She leads the two advocacy initiatives – Joining Forces for Voices and Accountability and Budget Transparency and Reproductive Health – promoting government accountability on commitments regarding sexual and reproductive... LEER MÁS

Resource Mobilization and Strategy Advisor

Maria is responsible for supporting the Resource Mobilization efforts of IPPF/WHR's Member Associations (MAs) and international advocacy efforts. She does this by providing technical assistance, tracking and analyzing shifts in international... LEER MÁS

Advocacy Associate

Rebecca supports the coordination of IPPF/WHR’s advocacy efforts in global and regional UN processes. She also serves as the focal point for youth-related advocacy initiatives with Member Associations.

Prior to joining IPPF/WHR in 2013, Rebecca supported... LEER MÁS

Staff Accountant

As a member of the Finance team, Tim is responsible for managing treasury functions, monitoring cash and investment balances, and anticipating spending needs across all accounts. He formulates and distributes reports for donors and monthly financials. I help to create... LEER MÁS

Director of Human Resources

During his time at IPPF/WHR, Barry Goldklang has taken the organization from a staff of 39 to 60 valued staff members, and has maintained a high level of staff morale and organizational culture. Previously, he was the Director of Human Resources at the Jewish... LEER MÁS

International Planned Parenthood Council - Chair

Alexander Sanger is a former President of Planned Parenthood of New York City. He is currently the Chair of IPPF/WHR and has served as a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Population Fund. He served on the IPPF/WHR Board as an... LEER MÁS

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