Nature Publishing Group | 06-22-2012
More than a dozen or so adolescents arrived at the Cachoeirinha community centre for a sex-education class this week. They may have been outnumbered by adult visitors in town for Rio+20, many from... READ MORE
New Security Beat | 06-22-2012
As heads of state get ready to sign on to the outcome document here in Rio, all eyes are on next steps – especially for the reproductive health and integrated development communities, which... READ MORE
RH Reality Check | 06-22-2012
It’s the final day of Rio+20 and last minute deliberations in the UN plenary are at a high-pitch – Sweden and Denmark have made strong statements in favor of reproductive rights, and I... READ MORE
The Huffington Post | 06-22-2012
The controversy surrounding reproductive rights and sexual healthcare at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development may come as a surprise to the uninitiated. Isn't sustainable... READ MORE
The Guardian | 06-29-2012
Teenage pregnancy is a big problem in my country; every year more than 14,000 teenagers get pregnant. I have seen many of my former highschool classmates and friends give up their dreams because they... READ MORE

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