Pan American Health Organization | 09-28-2011
Women have made major strides toward greater equality in Latin America and the Caribbean, but stronger advocacy and leadership are needed to address problems they continue to face in health and other... READ MORE
Women's eNews | 08-02-2011
Broadly welcomed as a "milestone" for women's rights, UN Women's strategic plan released in early July sets out an ambitious agenda to improve the rights and opportunities of women around the world.... READ MORE
IPS | 06-30-2011
When the United Nations inaugurated a landmark special agency for women last January, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon set an initial target of 500 million dollars as the proposed annual budget for the... READ MORE
Gothamist | 09-27-2011
Ever since the city decided to make sex ed for public school students mandatory, conservatives have been freaking out about the end of innocence, etc. But a new study released by the International... READ MORE
BBC | 10-13-2011
On October 16, 1916, the first birth control clinic in the United States was opened. The woman behind it, Margaret Sanger, was arrested for breaking obscenity laws. Alexander Sanger, Chair ... READ MORE

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