¡Basta! The Health Sector Addresses Gender-Based Violence

Gender-based violence includes any act or threat of physical, sexual, or psychological aggression against a woman. According to the World Health Organization, 1 out of every 4 women reports having been subjected to gender-based violence by an intimate partner. Considering the harmful effects it can have on a woman’s sexual and reproductive health, IPPF/WHR developed a regional project to combat gender-based violence in Latin America and the Caribbean. One result was ¡Basta! The Health Sector Addresses Gender-Based Violence, a video that is used to sensitize health care providers and others who may be in a position to help women living in situations of violence about the complexities of intimate violence. The video frames the issue of violence against women as a human rights violation and a public health problem and outlines the basic steps that any institution should take to ensure quality services for survivors of violence.

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