Washington- Under beleaguered President Paul D. Wolfowitz, the World Bank may be scaling back its long-standing support for family planning, which many countries consider essential to women's... READ MORE
Since George W. Bush became President of the United States in 2001, his administration has presided over what is likely the most far-reaching campaign attacking sexual and reproductive rights that... READ MORE
It is a welcome change that as we begin Women's History Month, world leaders are giving attention to violence against women. Gender-based violence is rampant across the globe, and yet governments'... READ MORE
THE ARTICLE "Alleged bid to abort leads to baby's death" (Page A1, Jan. 25) reinforces the need to increase access to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health education and services.... READ MORE
I’m very happy to be speaking to all of you at this important event today. Before beginning, I would like to congratulate the Inter-Institutional Group on Reproductive Health on its ten years... READ MORE

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