Pan American Health Organization | 2-18-2012
A group of experts on gender issues convened by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) cited significant progress in the implementation of a gender equality policy that was developed by PAHO and... READ MORE
Maurice Tomlinson.jpg
David Kato Vision and Voice Award | London, England I would like to start off with a number of humble thank yous. Thank you all for the tremendous honor bestowed on me this evening. Thank you to the... READ MORE
Global Post | 01-13-2012
The elder called on the younger generation to speak up. At a session on climate change and family planning Thursday, Mary Robinson, the former president of Ireland, said that she keeps hoping that... READ MORE
National Geographic | 01-13-2012
“The environment does not exist as a sphere separate from human actions, ambitions, and needs, and attempts to defend it in isolation from human concerns have given the very word ‘... READ MORE
| 01-11-2012
Global weather volatility and the ongoing financial crisis increase the need for new approaches to sustainable development. Meanwhile, 215 million women worldwide lack the means to choose how many... READ MORE

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