New York Times | 10-26-2012
While the Uruguay legislation decriminalizing some abortions is welcome, it is not a panacea for the women of that country. The new law, with its requirement that a woman appear before a hospital... READ MORE
Inter Press Service | 10-02-2012
Gathered at the Ford Foundation in New York Monday, international luminaries, family planning experts and women’s rights activists repeatedly expressed a common sentiment: “I cannot believe that we... READ MORE
Screen shot 2012-08-24 at 12.26.51 PM.png
Everyday Health | 08-23-2012
A pregnant 16-year-old who was denied chemotherapy because of her country’s anti-abortion laws died Friday after complications from leukemia. The teen, whose name has remained unpublished, became the... READ MORE
Inside Costa Rica | 08-04-2012
"Sex eduction should be part of the curriculum, that is compulsory in the Costa Rican educational system, because it is a duty of the State in its responsibility to provide quality information that... READ MORE
RH Reality Check | 08-03-2012
Realizing that a holistic and accurate sex education program relies on more than just the school system, NGOs have stepped in to fill the gap. The Jamaica Family Planning Association (JFPA) is one... READ MORE

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