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Woodrow Wilson Center International Center for Scholars | Washington, DC Only a few decades ago, development and environmental policies seemed incompatible with reproductive rights, and the two... READ MORE
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David Kato Vision and Voice Award | London, England I would like to start off with a number of humble thank yous. Thank you all for the tremendous honor bestowed on me this evening. Thank you to the... READ MORE
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A pregnant 16-year-old who was denied chemotherapy because of her country’s anti-abortion laws died Friday after complications from leukemia. The teen, whose name has remained unpublished, became the... READ MORE
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Pompano Complex | St. Mary, Jamaica “Adults just see us as problems to be controlled, not as thinking people to be respected. If that could change, so much would change.” Those were the words of a... READ MORE
A new framework for sexual and reproductive health is needed, argued panelists in a recent event at the Wilson Center, and the Rio+20 conference on sustainable development would have been the place... READ MORE

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