Men in the Movement: Philip Erick Otieno

Margret Wanjiku Mbatia, Guest Contributor

I am greatly motivated and inspired by Philip Erick Otieno, the Executive Director of Men for Gender Equality Now and board member of I’m Worth Defending (IWD). Philip has been involved in community violence intervention programs for more than 12 years and is unrelenting in pursuit of social justice. His positive attitude, enthusiasm, and willingness to fight for what is right provides a vision of what is possible for all who interact with Philip.

Philip is always saying that information is a scarce resource and that it is inconsequential if it cannot be properly shared. He has an outstanding ability to confidently communicate a variety of complex issues related to gender-based violence, the rights of women, and men's role in ending sexual assault.

As an activist who “walks the talk,” Philip is a firm believer in locally created solutions that allow communities to tap into their own strengths and resources to bring about social change. The entire IWD family looks up to Philip for direction and motivation, and he is never short of options when the going gets tough. Towards that end, he has been, and continues to be, the greatest pillar of strength and support for IWD.

Margret Wanjiku Mbatia is the Program Manager at I'm Worth Defending, an anti-rape in Kenya.

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