Women Who Inspire Change: Abigail Burg

Breese McIlvaine, Guest Contributor

It is critical for people around the world to stop and take a moment to honor the women in their lives. So many inspiring women and girls have crossed my path since I took my job at World Pulse—almost 12,000!—but I would like to honor one young woman in particular: my dear friend Abigail Burg.

Abby was a bright and beautiful young woman who cared deeply for others and had an infectious joy and curiosity. From a young age, Abby demonstrated her commitment to helping others with community service and other volunteer work. In college, when I met her, Abby was focusing her studies on fields that would give her a deeper understanding of what people are going through and how she could help them.

After graduation, ever adventurous Abby left the Northeast and moved to Texas, to teach children in impoverished communities. Her energy, compassion, and optimism were inspiring, and I can only imagine how many lives she touched through her work and her friendships. Though her own life was unexpectedly cut short this past July, when she was just 24 years old, those of us who knew Abby do our best to carry out her vision for a better world. In this way, her memory and impact lives on.

Following the example set by Abby, and so many more who work so hard to help others, I try to live and love with all I have, explore the world, and leave in it a better place—like Abby.

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