Women Who Inspire Change: Amie

Jessie Clyde, Program Officer, Youth

Motherhood is idealized all over the world. It's common to see depictions of a mother rocking, nursing, or cooing at a peaceful baby while lovingly gazing down at her bundle of joy. We're told to enjoy every day with our child to the fullest, because before we know it infancy will be a thing of the past. They say we should cherish the new parent struggles, as it forms an unbreakable bond with our newborn child.

But new motherhood isn't like that for everyone, and for those of us who didn’t embrace it from the beginning, motherhood can feel as though we are failing. Admitting you would rather be anywhere else on the planet than home with your baby can lead others to think you are cold and unloving, lacking some prized maternal instinct.

For me, those early months with my son were some of the loneliest, most isolating, and most terrifying of my life. Countless times I asked myself, “What kind of mother am I if I don’t like maternity leave?” Fortunately, one of my closest friends in the world, Amie, answered that question for me.

Amie told me I was an adventurous, sarcastic, and crazy strong woman. She reassured me that I was doing a fantastic job, just in my own way, and that my son Xavier was lucky to be my little boy. Amie listened and never once passed judgment on my feelings, even the ones that caused other mothers to shrink back in horror. (Admittedly, I could be a bit dramatic!)

Most importantly, Amie reminded me that moms come in all shapes and sizes and personalities. And just like there is no ‘right’ way to be a woman, there is no right way to be a mom.

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