With nearly half of the world’s population under the age of 25, it is critical that the new global agenda on development places young people’s voices and needs at its center. The Millennium Development Goals, despite their many clear benefits for development, rendered further invisible the needs of youth and adolescents by failing to prioritize... READ MORE


The seven billion people sharing the planet face a number of global challenges that span economic, social, and environmental development. These include climate change, environmental degradation, food and water insecurity, state fragility, economic crises, poverty, and growing inequality. ... READ MORE


In 2014, we are at a crucial point. We must design a new global development agenda that will support the creation of a sustainable world without social inequalities that our grandchildren will be able to enjoy. Securing the sexual and reproductive health and rights is central to achieving this vision.


According to the Central Statistical Office of the Ministry of Planning and the Economy, the teenage pregnancy rate in Trinidad and Tobago has not changed significantly over the last fifteen years. Nearly 1 in 6 young women becomes pregnant as a teen. Adolescence is a time when girls and boys learn to master a variety of developmental tasks in... READ MORE


The first time I heard about PLAFAM was three years ago. Who would have thought that I would end up connected to this organization through community service, and that my experience would go even further than that when I become a volunteer?


Over the course of a month in San Ignacio, Belize, I spoke with women about their experiences in their relationships and in their communities with regard to family planning. These women, whose ages ranged from 24 to 50, were open and generous when sharing their stories. We talked about a variety of things, like where they learned about sex and... READ MORE


In a ruling that marks a significant step forward for women’s rights in the region, Bolivia’s highest court, the Plurinational Constitutional Court, issued a decision ending the requirement for judicial authorization for women seeking legal abortion in Bolivia.

“This court ruling represents an important step for Bolivia,” said Ipas... READ MORE


Venezuela has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in Latin America, and after a stroll through Caracas, it's not hard to believe. Young women with pregnant bellies or babies are readily seen.

In 2011, the Ministry of Health reported that nearly 1 in 3 pregnancies were among young women between 15 and 19 years old. Yet, comprehensive... READ MORE


You know where I get birth control pills? I get them in my mailbox. Every three months, I receive a large, white envelope that gives me the freedom to choose when and whether to have a child. I thought about this envelope when I was in the jungle in Peru, where many women live their entire lives with no access to contraceptives.


As populations expand, our minds, technologies, and capacities have to keep pace with the current realities. I commend the Bahamas Sexual and Reproductive Health Association (BSRHA) on recreating itself to better fit the nuanced demands of Bahamian society. Its... READ MORE

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