Inspirational people are everywhere around us. Some of them are responsible for amazing inventions that have changed our world forever. Others have made contributions to building nations,... READ MORE
In 1983, a very funny movie starring Michael Keaton and Teri Garr was released called Mr. Mom. It’s not so funny to me anymore. The movie, as I am sure you remember, is about a breadwinning dad... READ MORE
Finding a man who spends his life championing sexual and reproductive health is a rare and remarkable endeavor on its own. To do it in Guatemala, a country marked by its brashly machismo culture, is... READ MORE
In my family, being pro-choice comes naturally. This is not just because the ghost of my grandmother, Margaret Sanger, would rise from her grave to wreak vengeance on any of her relations who dare... READ MORE
Men. Who needs them, right? After all, who created all these laws and strictures against sexual and reproductive rights? Men. The men in churches and the men on thrones and the men in the... READ MORE

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