Yvrose, Haiti

Yvrose is 36 years old and has an 11-year-old son and a 6-year old daughter. She is a civil worker at one of Port-au-Prince’s police stations.

"PROFAMIL has been very important in my life—without it I would have nowhere to go and would probably have had six children by now. I’ve been coming to the PROFAMIL clinic for over 10 years. My friends told me where they went to get family planning advice, and I, too, wanted the power to determine how many children I would have and when.

I  have to travel for three hours on a bus when I go to the clinic. I must take the whole day off work and I’m never paid for the time I miss. I used to wait for three more hours when I got to the clinic in the morning because there are always so many people needing medical services. Now I come around lunch time when it’s less crowded and wait about an hour and a half. PROFAMIL needs more doctors and nurses so we don’t have to wait such a long time.

I think women’s biggest problem in Haiti is that there is no work and we have to depend on men to survive. Women feel forced to have children and then don’t have any say in their future. PROFAMIL helps women get the family planning they need to have control over their bodies and their lives.

When I first went to the clinic, I asked to take the birth control pill. The nurses took their time to talk to me. They explained that if I missed some of the pills, I could still get pregnant. So I decided to get injections for birth control, which has worked well for me. The nurses also take care of other medical needs that I might have, not just family planning. They always ask about my life and help me with other problems I have."


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