Sex Ed on the go – Mobile Health Kiosks in Honduras

For some Honduran youth who don't receive sex education, health kiosks managed by ASHONPLAFA, IPPF/WHR’s Member Association in Honduras, are the only place to learn proper condom use and STI prevention.

ASHONPLAFA began reaching young people in underserved neighborhoods throughout the cities of Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula in 2008 via health kiosks ("Kioskos Moviles") staffed by their peers.

The great thing about the health kiosks project is that it moves essential services and education into communities (recreational parks, factories or assembly plants, schools, soccer camps, malls, suburban areas, etc.), making sexual and reproductive health information accessible and convenient where it would it otherwise be scarce.  The public and open nature of the kiosks also creates dialogue, which encourages further education and action within communities.  

Some young peer educators that have spent time enjoying the Kiosks had the following to say:

 “I like Kiosks because when we address similar topics in a college or school there is always limited time, and the activity ends too soon. In contrast, this does not happen in a kiosk, because we have as much time as we need for youth to understand the information correctly.”

"...sometimes we take the Kiosk to the assembly plants and meet with people who – of course – are young and not in school. These are important reasons for our work. “

“One day we went to work at a kiosk. A young person came to the kiosk who was the youngest one of all his peers. He showed interest in the topic of adolescence, so I focused most on him. Then, he took some leaflets and I noticed how he gathered with some of the other youth and started giving them a talk. It was very satisfying to see this young person sharing the information I had given him.”




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