Marisol, Bolivia

Marisol, a doctor, has worked for the mobile health unit in Bolivia for two years.

The team of health providers travels for hours through winding mountain roads to reach indigenous communities with educational activities and clinical services.

“I have sacrificed a lot—I hardly see my family, but knowing I’m helping people makes it all worth it,” says Marisol. “It’s not easy work, but it’s very necessary.” The team is on the road three weeks each month, providing many communities with the only health care they will ever receive. Marisol has been able to witness the impact of the project over the years, “Older women had up to 9, 10 and even 12 children, but now younger women can decide to plan their families. You can see women are more empowered in this area. Now that they can choose to have fewer children, their quality of life has improved, as well as their families’.”


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